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I SAID YES! Our Proposal Story

As we hit our one year Proposal-versary, I thought this would be the perfect time to reminisce and share our proposal story & photos โ€ฆ(finally ๐Ÿ˜‰ ) How happy am I, that the amazing Terri-Lynn Warren was there hiding in the bushes to capture the moment, all the tears, and ugly crying faces that came with this morning ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚

I'm going to start off by saying how surprised I was, Zach proposed in the busiest part of our wedding season - Smack dab in the middle of August. Now, I knew a ring was coming, we had gone ring shopping together before & he had just got back from being away at work for six months straight. But let me let you, I thought this man would ask in the winter time when life is calm for us, but that's just not Zach's style, he likes to keep me on my toes haha

This weekend we were executing a wedding at Fox Harbr, to the most amazing couple ever! I know I say this about all my Brides & Grooms, but Lauren and Ryan became so close to quickly. Planning their special day with Lauren was so much fun & when the wedding came, them & their families really made Zach & I feel like a big part of the celebrations! We ended up partying until 3am with them on the night of the wedding because we just didn't wanna leave!

Which leads us to the next dayโ€ฆ THE MORNING ๐Ÿ’ ... Struggling with a massive hangover, Zach had a mission. He had multiple alarms set (which I thought was strange) and told he had booked a 10am breakfast reservation on the fancy side of the Fox Harbr restaurant - The one with a dress code, hence the cute outfits and Zach in dress shoes (which I also thought was strange lol)

With Coffee's in hand, we started our way over to the restaurant, when Zach suggested we visit the spa and book a couples massage before we leave for Halifax the next day (we had booked any extra night at the resort to enjoy ourselves on Sunday, when all our work was done) After booking the massages in the spa building, Zach took me down behind the back of the building, towards the cute little bridge that leads to the water. As we make our way in the opposite direction of the restaurant, he says we should put our coffee cups down , and as we did he started to take my hand over this bridge - that's when something clicked in me, and tear came pouring!!

As he's walking me to the center of the bridge about to get to his knee, a staff work truck starts its way over the bridge LOL , Zach's dying laughing , and I can spot Terri-lynn in front of us now laughing too, he pulls me close as I try to calm down from all the happy tears and lets the truck go by. Then he gets down on one knee and POPS THE QUESTION! Amongst more and more tears , I say yes to my forever best friend!!

The rest of the day was pure bliss - we took some more photos, popped champagne with Lauren & Ryan, had a romantic couples massage followed by a beautiful dinner at the restaurant. The following weekends, we felts soooo much love from all our friends and couples who spoiled us with champagne & hugs when we went to celebrate their weddings. I will never forget the feeling of last summer and how lucky we are to have such thoughtful Brides & Grooms.

I still cant believe its been a full year since this day, and now less than 8 months until I get to marry this amazing, handsome, super supportive man!! - We are bursting with excitement for April 19th, 2023 when I will officially become Mrs. Coleman XO

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