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Timeless Wedding Hairstyle Favourites

Choosing the perfect wedding hairstyle can be a stressful decision. You want to feel the most beautiful and still comfortable on your big day! In this blog post we will cover some timeless wedding hairstyle favourites to help you choose the perfect look for your most special day.

How to choose your perfect style

First let's start with some tips on how to choose the right style for your day. When choosing your wedding hair you want to consider a few things.. Does this style suit your taste and make you feel comfortable? Does it compliment your dress style? If your dress is high neck or has a dramatic back, you might want to choose more of an up-do style. What season is your wedding?Up- do's tend to be more suitable for warmer seasons due to the sweat factor, while leaving your hair down could be better for the colder months.

Timeless Wedding Hairstyles

Over the years we've seen many different wedding hairstyles, but there will always be the tried and true styles a bride will gravitate to;

Soft up-do's with face framing pieces. - From a low soft bun, to a high ballerina bun this style is a true classic. No matter the season or dress style.

Half up / Side swept styles - Whether you choose a beautiful braid/ ponytail (to the side or half up) or a softly twisted half up with soft or textured curls. These wedding hairstyles are your best of both worlds.

Full Curls. - Soft glam to textured beach waves, this is a perfect way to keep things simple and to be able to play up your make-up or accessories.

We hope this gave you some ideas when choosing the hairstyle best suited for you and your wedding day!

With love, Han xo

Images collected from Pinterest.

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