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Tips on Planning the Perfect Elopement

Planning a wedding for a hundred people or more can be stressful, time consuming and very expensive and with the state of the world we are living in today, Elopements are becoming a little more socially acceptable. An elopement used to be seen more as when a couple would “run away” and get married without telling a soul. But nowadays, there is a little more thought that goes into these small intimate weddings.

If you are thinking of saying your “I dos” with just the two of you, I say go for it! This opens the doors to so many possibilities. Hiring your dream photographer, having the most unique special venue you could ever dream of and taking the complications of family dynamics right out of the picture.

A small inmate wedding is special, powerful and is simply a celebration of two people's love for one another in the most intimate setting.

Here are some small tips for you when planning your small intimate wedding:

Choose a destination

Are you thinking local? or maybe an adventurous abroad destination elopement? No need to worry about guest count numbers being able to fit! You can choose to be surrounded by nature, deep in the forest or right by the ocean on the beautiful rocks of Crystal Crescent. On the same at a beach, with the waves crashing in the background. You could take a boat ride out to an island, or have a picnic in the gardens surrounded by flowers. There are so many options when your numbers are down to two! (plus your JOP of course)

Don't forget about a budget

Let your budget guide you on how extravagant you want this intimate day to be and include. If you want to go super budget friendly, the local court house may be enough (plus in my mind, still super romantic!) You may want to invest in a weekend getaway at a cozy resort or splurge on making your ceremony space your dream that could never have been done with having to pay for reception meals! Fill an arbor with floral, get your dream dress and the most perfect bouquet!! Go all out on the small details that may be super important to you.

Hire your dream Photographer

This is a day you are going to want to look back at and reminisce and with cutting the cost of so many things associated with a large wedding day, here is where you can take the chance to book whoever's photographs you have been gawking over since your engagement. You'll have time to call or meet your selected photographers so make sure you click with them, as they will be with you almost all day! See Brittany King Photography for some amazing inspiration & add to your list of talented photographers to reach out too!!

Do what’s best for you

Ultimately, this day is about you, your spouse and your love for one another. You might be eloping or choosing a super small wedding because a big traditional wedding just isn't your style as a couple or maybe it is due to the change in the would (COVID 19). Whatever the case may be, embrace this day and your decision. It is still going to be perfect, both a small wedding & a giant celebration honour the same thing: your love.

Our Elopement Planning Service

We are now offering elopement/small intimate wedding planning services and I am so excited about this!! Let us help you make this day an absolute dream come true. Helping you with all these tips talked about above from budget, decor, music, JOP to finding that perfect getaway location!! The whole day we are there making sure everything is set in place so all you have to do is show up and not worry about one thing. - Starting your married life with an amazing day filled with memories of the two of you, you will never forget.

See here our services page for more details

No matter what style of wedding you choose, it's nice to know you have options and I'll be there by your side the whole time.

With Love,

Han xo

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